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    The First Aid Kit treats a range of common fish diseases. To treat fish for illness usually involves working out dilution rates, carefully measuring out liquids and removing any chemical parts your filtration system. With this Kit you can simply replace the existing filter cartridge for the First Aid Cartridge and add the treatment sachets on the days...

    £6.93 £7.93
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    Maintaining a Marine aquarium is a little more involved than a freshwater aquarium. This has been made as simple as possible by supplying everything you need in one kit.  The kit contains a replacement filter cartridge which is specifically for Marine biOrb (the biOrb Standard Service Kit should not be used in Marine biOrb as it contains a different mix...

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    The  Stone Granite colour background is a realistic image of a granite-coloured rock wall. The distinctive 3-D structure gives your aquarium a fascinating illusion of depth at a very low installation depth of just 1-3 cm. As part of the Stone Granite decorative range, this colour background goes perfectly with the matching filter cover.

Showing 277 - 279 of 279 items