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  • £9.89

    The air pump on your biOrb works 24 hours a day and like all mechanical parts will eventually wear out. You may notice that the pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous. At which point it may be time to replace your air pump.  Replacing the air pump is simply a case of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new. Simple instructions are supplied.

  • £1.99

    The air stone fits in the base of the biOrb underneath the filter cartridge. It breaks up the flow of air into the aquarium, splitting it into a mass of fine bubble. It also reduces noise from the air pump.  Over time the tiny pores in the air stone can become blocked by dirt and lime scale preventing air from getting through properly.

  • £6.93 £7.93

    To get green water problems under control this cartridge can be used in place of the normal filter cartridge temporarily. Along with the sachets of treatment supplied it will remove the algae which causes green water. Follow the simple step by step instructions supplied to remove the algae and clear your biOrb water. This is a treatment cartridge, it does...

    £6.93 £7.93
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  • £33.18

    The key to a successful aquarium is to keep feeding to a minimum and carry out regular maintenance. Get this right and your fish can enjoy clear, healthy water. biOrb Aquarium Timer will remind you when these essential routines should be carried out. The biOrb Timer is extremely flexible and reminders can be set whenever you want, simply hold the button...

  • £10.00

    biOrb Service Kit. Easy change every 4 - 8 weeks. Includes a filter cartridge, cleaning pad and water treatment sachets. The kit also contains easy to follow instructions. A new cartridge is supplied in the Service Kit as well as a special cleaning pad for removing dirt and algae from the inside surface of the biOrb and water preparation chemicals for...

  • £3.22

    Replacement bubble tube for your biOrb.

  • £5.95

    Without getting your hands wet you can use this simple device to clean both the inside and the outside of your bubble tube.

  • £2.35

    The bubble tube guard is a clear cap which sits over the top of the bubble tube to prevent objects and fish from getting into the bubble tube. Holes in the cap allow bubbles to come out.  It is rare that a fish would go into the bubble tube, however some fish to try and squeeze themselves into the most unlikely places. In case one of your fish has this...

  • £8.54

    The ceramic media in your biOrb forms the main part of filtration and is important in keeping the water clear and healthy.  Beneficial bacteria colonise the ceramic media and remove toxic fish waste from the water as the water flows through it. biOrb ceramic media is full of pores for bacteria to live on, just 900g of ceramic media has the surface area...

  • £7.99 £9.99 -20%

    The cleaner pump works like a siphon but has a squeezy hand pump to get the water flowing and is really easy to use.  Simply hold one end of the cleaner pump in the biOrb and direct it towards the base. The other end has a blue hand pump which you hold over a bucket. Squeeze the hand pump quickly a few times and water will start to flow out of the biOrb...

    £7.99 £9.99 -20%
  • £2.12

    biOrb Cleaning Pads have been made from a material which won't scratch. They have a soft side for gentle cleaning and a rough side for tougher algae deposits. Contains 3 x Cleaning Pads.

  • £10.06

    In just minutes you can give your biOrb a brilliant showroom shine. Easy to apply and suitable for all high-gloss plastic and glass surfaces. Repels dust Resists fingerprints Non toxic Anti-static

Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items